Bhutan Travel Tips

Bhutan Travel Photography cautions and information:

  1. Always take permission before clicking photographs of local people, events and objects and don’t forget to look out for ‘camera not allowed’ signs .
  2. Taking pictures inside temple premises, dzongs and monasteries is strictly prohibited.
  3. At most of the sites, taking pictures is permitted only in the court yard area.

Antiques and Artifacts holding historical, cultural and religious significance:

  1. Touching any art pieces, artifacts and antiques is strictly prohibited.
  2. In the similar way, purchase of those antiques and artifacts is also illegal act.
  3. Also while visiting Bhutan, please do not climb on anything that shows respect to Buddhist artifacts, large or small, Buddha’s statue, as they are regarded as sacred and holds great religious and cultural importance.

What to Wear?

  1. Please read the information sheet before entering any monastery, dzong, temple and take off hats, shoes and any leather material while entering as instructed on information sheet.
  2. Also please do remember that shorts and half pants are not allowed while entering a dzong, temple and monastery.

Communicating in Bhutan:

It is requested to switch off your mobile phone before entering  any dzong, temple or monastery and have conversation in soft voice inside religious premises.

Travel in Bhutanese Style:

  1. You are requested to walk in clockwise direction while like revolving prayer wheels and visiting any other religious places.
  2. You are requested not to point with a single finger while indicating sacred site or object. Instead use an upturned flat extended hand.
  3. You are requested to throw rubbish and garbage only at specified areas.
  4. You are requested not to touch any ritual objects or mural paintings.
  5. You are requested not to smoke at religious sites
  6. And if you are unaware about anything then don’t hesitate to ask your tour guide or any local individual.