Bhutan Visa and Travel Info

If you are planning to visit Bhutan then you need a Bhutanese Visa that can be applied through any travel agency or simply contact us about your Bhutan trip planning. For initiating visa procedure, you need to send us two pp sized photographs with color copy of your original passport. Make sure your passport has 6 months of validity period left.  You must have acknowledged that there are no any foreign embassies or consultant that grants a tourist visa for entering Bhutan.

And also you should have known that Druk Air is the only carrier to Bhutan and allows boarding only if your passport has got clearance from government of Bhutan. You can check the tickets with Druk Air yourself online at . Also Druk air allows baggage of 20 kilograms in economy class and 30 kilograms in business class tickets with extra 5 kilograms of hand carry for every passenger. So, do weight your luggage and pack accordingly.