Health & Vaccination Info in Nepal

It is very well said that ‘Health is Wealth’. If you have good health then you can do anything, travel anywhere and enjoy your life. Therefore before visiting any foreign country, you need to be physically and mentally fit, fine and healthy. Also it is very well said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’.  So, you need to take proper care of your health by visiting your local doctor, and take necessary vaccinations and medicines as prescribed. If you are taking any medicine regularly then visiting a doctor is a must. And during your visit, make sure you drink only safe boiled purified water. We recommend you to avoid street foods and eat only cooked ones at clean places.

First Aid and Safety Tips

Most of the drug stores near hospitals are always open. But it is still advisable to bring medicine along with you along with small first aid box in which you can put the following medical items:



Painkillers like Brufen and Cetamol

Anti Diarrhoea tabs like Diocalm or Immodium

Hard Sweets

Antiseptic cream with cotton

Insect Repellent cream