Weather and Climate of India

India hosts a much diversified weather condition and you must have a proper planning on best time to visit and embark on any India trips. The most powerful time is during rainy season that starts during the month of June at southern India and slowly make its way towards northern India till the month of August. Monsoon is at its peak especially around forested areas of north western India.

After the month of September, the monsoon usually leaves from north and it takes further few months to disappear from far southern region. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh at east coast and Kerala at South coast gets second monsoon between October and December when retreating monsoon sweeps from Bay of Bengal. However, by the end of December, most of the areas are blessed with clear and un-obstructive sky views. During the mid winter, we can see the most varied temperature in northern and southern India. For example, in Delhi, temperature is quite chilly due to cool Himalayan wind blowing from north and there will still be few signs of monsoon and bright humid conditions at southern Tamil and Kerala regions.

Therefore, the best time to visit India would be during cool season from late October to early April. The popular golden triangle tour and visit to other sites are ideal during this time. Also if you are planning toward Southern India then join between January and March. If you need any further weather and climate information about visiting India then Contact us now. We ensure you will have a great time while visiting India.